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Todd Hillam

Todd Hillam

Senior Scientist
Nelson Labs

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Todd Hillam has 18 years of experience at Nelson Laboratories with 12 managing the Protective Barriers section that performs testing on surgical masks, respirators, gowns, drapes, breathing system filters and other types of filtration products. The primary focus of testing is viable and nonviable aerosol and liquid barrier testing as well as physical tests such as breathability, flammability and particle shedding. Todd Hillam started as a Study Director over Accelerated Aging for packaging and Bacteriostasis/Fungistasis testing to validate the Product Sterility test then was the Lab Manager over the Protective Barriers section. Upon leaving the section Todd worked as a Product Manager in Marketing, Senior Technical Trainer in our Professional Development Department and currently acts as a Senior Scientist focusing on Operations training across all of Nelson Labs facilities. Todd is an active committee member of both AAMI and ASTM. Todd served as a ASTM F23.40 secretary for 7 years, been a member of working groups and has helped revise standards related to surgical face masks and surgical gowns. Todd was invited to help revise the EN14683 face mask standard and has given a number of seminars on protective barriers and medical textiles for industry and Healthcare professionals.

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